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Welcome to AwakeAndAmazed.com!

One need not commit intellectual suicide in order to believe in God and Eternal Life.  At AwakeAndAmazed.com the intent is to provide one more voice hoping to Awaken our fellow adventurers, and to pull back the curtains on that which will surely Amaze!

Here you will find five simple resources.

1.) T-Shirts & Bumper Stickers: AwakeAndAmazed.com  provides T-shirts & Bumper Stickers with simple but thought provoking slogans for those interested in being part of getting this most important information out on the streets (See On-line Shopping).

2.) Explaining the Slogans: For those who might be interested in a more in depth explanation of the intended message of each slogan, AwakeAndAmazed.com provides essays that expound on each.

3.) Former Skeptics: This page will provide information on former atheists/agnostics from the scientific, medical, philosophical, artistic, and theological disciplines.

4.) Recommended Resources: This page will provide information on what we believe to be excellent sources of information (Books, Videos, websites...etc...).        

5.) Our Amazing Reality: This page links to various websites that provide insights into our world that will help us to keep in mind, and therefore Awakened to, just how Amazing God's creation really is.

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