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DISCLAIMER: To be fair, I do not know to what extent any of the following persons or institutions may, or may not, agree with the beliefs I have formed and have tried to articulate on this website.  What I can say is that I have found their work to be invaluable in my journey.

N. T. Wright is the Bishop of Durham in the Church of England, a leading New Testament scholar, and first century historian. If you find the Bible to be confusing, Bishop Wright is very likely a resource that will help you to understand and see that the Christian faith does make sense when the Scriptures are properly interpreted.  (click for more information).
Reasons To Believe Ministries promotes a bridge between science and faith. Reasons To Believe founder (Dr. Hugh Ross) accepts the scientific evidence of the age of the earth and the age of the universe, but he rejects atheistic models as explanations for the history and origin of life.  (click here for more information).
Evidence of God Ministries, founded by Dr. Ralph O. Muncaster (a former skeptic) offers the Examine the Evidence series (a fascinating exploration of various foundations of the Christian) as well as other resources. (Click here for more information).
Dr. Timothy Johnson is best known to TV viewers as the longtime chief medical correspondent for ABC News.  Dr. Timothy Johnson is the author of "Finding God in the Questions: A Personal Journey", in which he states, "You don't have to have answers to everything to still be a person of faith. You can live according to what you can know or understand and live with doubt. That's something I've done my whole life." (Click here to find the book at ChristianBook.com)

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