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Happiness is what we want
Faith is what we need
Happiness is what we have when things are going our way, Faith is what we need when they don't.  And sooner or later, due to one reason or another, things will cease to go our way.  Happiness will collapse beneath our feet, and Faith will be needed to carry us to our salvation.
Why wait…
…until the police call and say, "there's been an accident"?
…until your doctor says, "your test results are in, we need to talk"?
…until you feel that the best that life has to offer is behind you?
…until you are faced with a frightening financial crisis?
…until dryness in your marriage turns into heartbreak?
…until a "mid-life-crisis" sends you into panic?
…until loneliness turns to hopelessness?
…until these things happen before you pursue a deep relationship with God?
The world can be a scary place if "the world" is as far as you can see.  The truth is, there is More to reality than your job, your house, your 401K, your recreation, and the body that will someday fail you and turn back into dust.
But this More must be sought, it must be pursued, and it must be cultivated.  Now here's the part that so many sadly miss; this More does not start only when we leave this world, this More begins to change our lives here and now.  As we journey down the path toward More, it starts to bring more joy when things are going well, it starts to bring more strength and more serenity when things are going poorly, AND it is the Father that we need to take us by the hand as we someday pass into the next world.

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