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Right Here, Right Now
So where do you think you are?  You probably think you're sitting in front of your computer, or reading a printed page, and in a very typical location; home, office, hotel …etc.  But that's a very insipid view.  Your perspective is restricted to the physical objects which surround you, the mundane tasks, or the usual thoughts that lead us through the course of our day-to-day lives. 
Is that really where you are?
In reality, you are stuck to the side of a giant sphere, 24,000 miles in circumference, and flying through our enormous universe at millions of miles per hour.  Just pause and think about that for a minute…
Every physical thing that you know of that defines your world, is nothing more than subatomic particles of energy whose God Directed dance creates the illusion of the physical world.
And just as the this performing matter is ever present, so is the God that directs it.  However, this matter, these subatomic particles, these dancing waves of energy produced by the mind of God, are only props - they are not His greatest interest.  His greatest interest is You, Me, and every human being that He took special interest in as He created them in His image. He is ever present, ever sustaining, and INTENSELY INTERESTED IN HIS BELOVED!  Now, just pause and think about that for a minute…
The force that created and directs those particles of energy, has also created a spiritual reality; even more impacting, and therefore even more real, than the world you perceive as concrete and finite.  And just as these particles of energy are ever performing, so the Creator God is ever present; both in the physical world and in the spiritual world.
The “others” you speak with are not, Tom with a brown hair glasses and an interest in politics, or Sally who's furloughed brow alternates with a forced smile as she tries to explain a piece of paperwork, or any of the other persons whose scope is limited to their physical appearance and your perception of their personality.  The “others” you speak with are eternal Spirit's living in physical vessels that mask their potential; potential to become more glorious through God than you can imagine; potential to become more hellish than your worst nightmares.
The “usual thoughts” that lead us through our day-to-day lives, carry the potential to not only affect our physical world, but also to affect our condition in the greater and eternal spiritual world.
God is ever present, reacting in one way or another to everything we do, say, or think.  He wants to be included in the dialogue of our lives.  He desires madly to have a constant relationship with us through our consciousness of Him.  He wants us to believe in His love for us.  He wants us to trust in Him, and allow him to pull us deeply into His light.  And though always present, he will respect our freewill as it is a necessity of true love.  This means that we can either seek and find Him, or we can live egocentrically and spin off into the darkness if we so choose.
He is Here.  Right Here, Right Now, and we can each find Him in inside ourselves at any time, waiting for us to have relationship.  Just as gravity is a constant force in our life that that persuades us to do what we do with those physical things in our charge, God is a constant and personal force in our spiritual lives that we would be wise to allow to persuade us in every aspect of our existence.

Copyright 2008

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