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He Who Dies With
The Most Love Wins
You may have, at one time or another, seen a bumper sticker or a T-shirt that said, “He who dies with the most toys wins”.  While that statement is good for a laugh, and while it does seem to be the driving principle in many lives, it is not a philosophy that leads individuals or even our society to a greater good.
I have had the pleasure of visiting one of this nation’s finest Veterans Homes many, many times.  The residents I see and visit with were at one time the “cream of the crop”; our most physically fit and mentally competent citizens, who possessed the courage and capacity to successfully defend our freedom under some of the most challenging circumstances imaginable.  After their military service, most went on to apply their character, mind, and physical vitality in the roll of policeman & women, doctors, fireman, nurses, teachers, ministers, leaders, entrepreneurs, parents, and solid everyday citizens.  Evidence of their accomplishments are numerous; degrees, awards, trophies, wealth, and in some cases buildings or streets named in their honor.
Stunningly evident, however, is the fact that eventually, their “character, mind, and physical vitality” and even any meaningfulevidence of their accomplishmentsare left to memory.  They enter into the Home with only two things; their Loving Relationship with God, and the Loving Relationships with Family & Friends.  No matter who we are, or how commanding, competent, and vital we are today, eventually we will be reduced to two possessions: our Loving Relationship with God, and our Loving Relationships with Family & Friends.
So, with this inevitability fresh in our minds, perhaps we should commit to routinely evaluating how and where we spend our time, energy, and resources.  Those things that do not build and nourish a Loving Relationship with God, and our Loving Relationships with Family & Friends, should be given our time and energy in a most prudent and sparing fashion, because “He Who Dies With The Most Love Wins”.

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