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Eternity Starts Now
Your existence does not consist of this day, or the week that you’re trying to get through, or the annual goals for which you are striving, or the career and subsequent retirement for which you endeavor.  Your existence is eternal.  You will exist, in one condition or another, for an Eternity.
This very moment, and every moment that follows, possesses the potential to have a positive or negative effect on your eternal existence.  This is a stunning and amazing truth which, if embraced can profit us to an extent beyond our current comprehension; if ignored can lead to self-destruction.  An Eternal self-destruction.  Simply, truthfully, urgently, and direly stated, Eternity Starts Now!
Perhaps the concept of Eternity would be more understandable if you looked at it in these terms: God gave human beings freewill.  We are free to submit to God so that He might change us into the creatures we were meant to be; creatures for whom the cliché, “birds of a feather flock together” describe the spiritual community of Heaven.  We are also free to reject God and become creatures twisted by our own will; creatures for whom the cliché, “birds of a feather flock together” conversely describe the spiritual pit of Hell.
Take heed, the Bible speaks clearly of a limit to the Earthly moments we are given before our cosmic trajectory is determined and we are launched into Eternity.  Life on Earth teeter-totters, one way and then another, between good and evil. In this world, good and evil coexist, with good tempering evil and evil diluting good.  On Earth, God has a subtle presence, touching us in simple but profound ways through relationships, the arts, nature, scripture and even revelation.  In Hell, evil only exists immersed in more evil. In Hell there are no moments that uplift and refresh.  In Hell, God respects freewill and does not interfere with the downward spiral of predatory lust, futile gluttony, insatiable greed, self-consumed sloth, vengeful wrath, bitter envy, or isolating pride.  In Hell, God has let them be what they chose to be, and does not shine the undesired Light of Truth in the dungeon of self rule.

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